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GHD Awarded Best Hair And Beauty Product

GHD has been awarded Best Hair and Beauty Product by consumers at, the leading consumer review Website.

The award is based on averages of ratings and recommendations submitted by consumers on the Review Centre Website in 2006, and also for the comments and overall ratings on the GHD Hair Straighteners compared with similar products.

Review the UK's largest consumer review Website holds over 200 consumer reviews of the GHD Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener at Review Centre and the vast majority were happy to recommend GHD to other consumers.

Consumers at also ranked GHD Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners as the best value hair and beauty product from a choice of hundreds listed in the Hair and Beauty reviews topic.

"I have tried many straighteners in the past but there is nothing that comes anywhere close to giving the results you get from GHD," said one customer. "GHD professional ceramic hair straighteners do give you straight sleek hair. I was so impressed!" said another.

GHD hair straighteners also rated very highly among reviewers for a wide range of factors such as style and ease of use.

Gaynor Holt, Chief Operations Officer at, said: "Visitors to Review Centre have overwhelmingly endorsed GHD for providing superb value for money compared to other similar products on the market. They wholeheartedly deserve this award which is based on the independent views of customers."

News courtesy of the 07 March 2007

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New GHD hair styler ad calls for Absolute control

The GHD (Good Hair Day) commercial for stylers, which aired in the UK last night, involves layer upon layer of motion control - Absolute were in charge of the styling.

Absolute’s VFX artist, Danniel Morris, had the unenviable task of compositing up to 22 motion control shots for GHD’s (Good Hair Day) latest ad ’Restaurant’, while overcoming factors such as grading and working over-length, to achieve the clever result.

The result is a stylish ad that creates a strange world where the lead characters and the background players are the same - with the leading lady sporting a different hairstyle in each of her appearances with the endline: "The new GHD styler. Thou shalt never be the same girl twice".

There are three subtle variations on this ‘Restaurant’ commercial: ‘Lust’, ‘Anger’ and ‘Romance’. All the action takes place within one sweeping camera move as it pans around the restaurant. The shot was repeated 22 times, with the three lead characters ­ the leading lady, her lover and the waiter ­ positioned differently in each one. Daniel Morris attended the shoot on location in Prague. He worked closely the director and crew, experimenting with camera choreography to determine the optimal move.

Although a body double was used wherever possible, the number of motion control passes that had to be shot was immense due to the fact that the girl’s hair had to unique each time she was filmed. As if this weren’t complex enough, Moss' job was made more difficult by several other factors, for example, whenever the actress crossed in front of the camera.

As with all GHD campaigns, the monochrome photographic style acts as a strong brand property, so the grade became as crucial as the complex compositing. Everything was shot on colour stock and graded monochromatically. So Daniel had to work with three telecine passes for each separate motion control pass ­ a colour pass, a technical pass and a detail pass.

Plus, the client requested that the background should be dark in relation to the leading characters, so Daniel had to take footage of the characters from brighter passes and individually soft­matte them into the darker background pass.

Last but not least, additional tables were inserted in the offline by grabbing footage from alternative passes.

Daniel managed to recreate this effect in Flame but it involved a lot of tracking and stabilizing. And the Flame challenge didn’t stop there: these layers upon layers of effects had to be executed over­length at 60­seconds so that Daniel could time warp the end result to create smooth 40 and 30-second versions.

Morris says: "This was always going to be a complex job ­ anything involving multiple motion control compositing always is. But because the lead woman had to wear a different hairstyle in each of her appearances, there were far more variations than you’d normally expect. Which meant it became an even bigger logistical challenge. And we only had two shoot days to cover it all. Rough compositing on set become an invaluable tool when working to this degree of complexity under such immense time pressures."

The spot is viewable on the projects page of (but make sure your pop-ups aren’t blocked).

News courtesy of 07 March 2007

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It's a snip as BDH nips in to grab 10m account

MANCHESTER'S advertising community is enjoying a `good hair day' after snipping one of the hottest brands of the moment from London rivals. The company behind `must-have' hair straightening tool GHD has hired the Didsbury-based BDH\TBWA advertising agency to handle an account estimated at '10m annually.

The appointment followed a heated pitch - overseen by The Radar Partnership - which initially saw a shortlist of eight national advertising agencies whittled down to just two.

The final pitch saw BDH\TBWA battle it out against London agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay. The Manchester-based agency, part of the TBWA\ network, will begin work with ghd from mid-March, handling all brand communications, throughout the U.K. and internationally in new emerging markets.

Commenting on the win, Robert Harwood-Matthews, chief executive of BDH\TBWA, said: "ghd is a fantastically sexy, ambitious and creative brand.

"We are really excited about the win and are thrilled to have beaten the biggest hair in the business."

On choosing BDH\TBWA to work with, Martin Penny, managing director at ghd, said: "We are very excited about moving the brand forward with BDH\TBWA.

"Having them on board will give us the additional support we need with our global expansion plans."

News courtesy of 10 March 2007

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