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We're hard at work every day searching the web and contacting GHD suppliers in order to find the cheapest GHD hair straightener deals at all times. We have built relationships with many online GHD suppliers, which enables us to give you first notice of the best GHD prices available.

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We are one of only a handful of Approved ghd retailers:

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The only companies we work with are: This is due to the large number of websites now selling counterfeit GHDs.

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GHD Prices on Compare GHDs are updated manually by our researcher Elisabeth and we do not rely on automated product feeds like most price comparison websites as these can quickly become out of date. If you are not happy with our service please let us know.

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The Cheapest Safe GHDs

Compare GHDs has the best deals from ghd retailers that only deal in authentic ghds. This means that you can compare ghd prices and save, but at the same time be assured the the ghd straighteners you purchase are safe and can be registered on the official ghd website in order to validate the ghd warranty.

GHD products

Compareghds is sectioned by product. All you need to do to find the latest prices and any available ghd discount codes from around the web is click on the links below for the section you wish to visit.

How to spot fake ghds

Once purchased it can be difficult to spot the difference between a genuine ghd straightener and a fake ghd straightener, as they can look exactly the same. Legally, fake ghd products are called counterfeits but you probably won't realise you have purchased a fake ghd styler until it malfunctions. If you purchase a fake ghd styler, you will not get a refund as your guarantee will not be worth the paper it is written on.

How to purchase ghds safely
Only ever purchase ghds from sites with the approved ghd retailer badge like the one above this text. You can also check the ghd site you are considering purchasing a styler from with ghds' website checker.

Don't be fooled buy the cheap ghds that turn up online with prices of around £69 or less for the latest MK4 straighteners. They are all fake ghds. No approved ghd retailers will be selling ghds for that price, and all ghd approved retailers pay more than that wholesale for the mk4 ghd and that is when they purchase hundreds of mk4 ghds at a time.

Jemella LTD the company that makes ghds are doing their best to protect you and spend many thousands of pound finding and putting these fake ghd sellers out of business but it seems that for every one they shut down another appears.

Due to the huge and ever-growing demand for ghd stylers, it was sadly inevitable that fake ghd stylers would make their way onto the market, especially online. Many customers pay good money for ghd stylers which, although they look authentic, are actually fakes.

The difference between genuine ghd stylers and fakes becomes apparent with use. Whereas ghd stylers are well-made, with sturdy construction and carefully put together to ensure many years of safe and effective use, fakes simply do not have the same quality- both in the parts and manufacture.


If you can imagine that when you use a GHD styler, you are using a hot, electrical item, most often in your home, you will see how important it is that you purchase the genuine article. A fake, and cheaply made GHD styler can not only break after a few uses in the best case, but can actually pose a danger to you in the worst case scenario.

If you feel you may have purchased a fake GHD styler, the easiest way to find out is visit the product page on the GHD hair site and enter the serial number on your styler. This will let you know whether your GHD styler is authentic.

ghd buying tips

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Safe ghd retailers

We only deal with safe ghd retailers. The following ghd retailers not only sell real ghds but they are the best of the best so look out for them as you search for the lowest priced ghd deals. We can tell you now that you will not find MK4 ghds on these sites for less than £70, but you will get real ghds and some form of customer service if you happen to have a problem after you get your ghds home.
Jason Shankey Limited, Unit F2 Dundonald Enterprise Park, Carrowreagh Road, BT16 1QT. United Kingdom.
HQuk Ltd, 39 Bruton Place Mayfair London W1J 6LF UK
The Funky Group, 6 West Holmes Place, Broxburn, EH52 5NJ
ghd, Unit 12, Ryefield Way, Silsden, West Yorkshire, BD20 0EF
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